PRO Business Plan

PRO Business Plan — Just £397 (incl. VAT)

Suitable for most business propositions, such as: small retail, service industries and small scale manufacturing. This solution offers the fastest, simplest and most affordable way of producing high quality business plans online.

After years in the industry, we have invested £100,000s in developing a revolutionary new Business Plan writing solution Intelligent Merge™ that will save you hours of work and £1000s. This same software is now used for drafting forensic and legal forms accepted by the UK’s judiciary system; its accuracy, dependability and security are assured.*

This fully-automated solution allows you to edit and update as much as you need for as long as you like – many clients update their plan whenever they need to borrow more money. It couldn’t be simpler.

  • Complete Business Plan – every section completed automatically
  • Graphs and Charts – includes: cash flow, marketing and financials
  • Download to Your Desktop – complete and download
  • FREE Financial Advice – independent financial advice from an IFA
  • FREE Updates & Upgrades – of any law changes or legal requirements
  • FREE Email Support – professional advice (guaranteed within 24 hrs)
  • FREE Guide – ‘The Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Company’
  • FREE Guide – ‘5 Simple Steps to Becoming a £Millionaire in 3 Years’
  • GUARANTEE – no-quibble, 100% money-back Guarantee

A professionally presented business plan is essential. You can now initiate your business plan knowing that you won't be making any of the most common mistakes and that your business plan will be presented in the exact format banks etc prefer. All our business plans are formatted to a professional standard:

Statistics prove that the main reason business owners fail to secure a business bank account, overdraft facility or funding investment is due to an unprofessional or sub-standard business plan. A SMART Business Plan gives you the confidence of knowing you are presenting a professional image.

Below is an example of our simple, easy-to-use form that you will be required to complete to create your business plan. Click on [ help ] for an explanation of how to answer the relevant question.

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You won't need to fill in complicated forms or understand business jargon; all you need are your company details, personal details and a few minutes of your time.

Remember, your business plan could be one of the most important documents you’ll ever need; possibly shaping the rest of your life, so choose the best option for your circumstances. Our service should not be confused with inferior options that often lead clients into making costly and time-consuming mistakes. Compare our competitors’ like-for-like service and prices:

Compare our competitors’ like-for-like service and prices:

Having an expert prepare your business plan could be one of the most important business decisions you ever make. Our service should not be confused with cheaper or inferior options that often lead clients into making expensive and time-consuming mistakes. Compare our service and prices:

Business Plan Services £500+
High Street Banks £450+
High Street Accountants £445+
Business Plan Software £140+
Pro Business Plan £397   

You can see from the above comparison chart that our PRO Business Plan offers the UK's premier expert online Business service. We have considerably fewer overheads than a High Street Bank or equivalent, which keeps our costs to a minimum, allowing us to pass on our savings to our customers.

* Intelligent Merge™ uses military strength encryption to protect your information.

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