Case Studies

Case Studies

Last year we helped 1000s of businesses and entrepreneurs write successful business plans, while achieving a 97% customer satisfaction rating. We have provided business plans for people with a variety of circumstances in a variety of sectors. Here are two example case studies of previous customers:


Business Name: Mango
Organisation Size: 10 staff
Sector: Catering

Having being refused a £30,000 investment from his bank after handing over a generic style business plan, Kashif Ali turned to Smart Business Plans for help. Within days he was provided with an original business plan specifically tailored to his restaurant’s needs. Not only was there a clear description of his own target market but also complimentary graphs and charts to emphasise how large the market was and how he would be able to exploit it.

“Thank you SMART Business Plans, once your plan made it obvious how many potential customers would be within driving distance of my restaurant the figures spoke for themselves. Our launch and first quarter’s trading has been above expectations”.

Kashif Ali, Mango

Fix-It Quick

Business Name: Fix-it Quick
Organisation Size: 7 staff
Sector: Construction

Before he used SMART Business Plans Barry had spent £100s on accounting fees to make sure his finances were correct, only to be told that it was his SWOT Analysis and Sales Strategies that had led to him having previous loan applications turned down.

SMART Business Plans gave him all the support and advice he needed to strengthen his business plan’s SWOT and Sales sections. The re-vamped plan resulted in a far more accurate estimate of projected sales and, consequently, a much more appealing financial projection than his accountant had first calculated. The result was that SMART Business Plans enabled Barry Jackson to secure a £24,000 bank loan for his garage.

“I’m the happiest man in the world! Starting up on my own has not been easy but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m very grateful for your expertise, support and encouragement”.

Barry Jackson, Fix-it Quick

Safe Insurance

Business Name: Safe Insurance
Organisation Size: 4 staff
Sector: Public Administration

After using SMART Business Plans, Jules Davies was awarded a small business grant after competing with 18 other companies. The business plan was one of the highest quality. Not only did the plan communicate all the relevant business factors but also portrayed the vibrant personality of the business.

“What I found most difficult to capture was the unique ‘personality’ of what we were trying to achieve and how we were going to go about it. I wanted our uniqueness to be obvious to anyone reading the business plan. SMART Business Plan definitely achieved that”.

Jules Davies, Safe Insurance


Business Name: Yanbac
Organisation Size: 4 staff, 20 associates and affiliates
Sector: Celebrity Endorsement and Public Relations

Yanbac is a Public Relations (PR) company specialising in the increasingly popular marketing strategy of Celebrity Endorsement. The company’s owner and MD Yannoula Tsirkas had enjoyed exceptional success over many years, leading numerous projects for top PR agencies, such as Woodhead Calliva, when she decided to set up her own agency specialising in celebrity endorsement for companies in the UK, Dubai and USA.

What was unusual about Yanbac’s approach was that it raised its capital from private investment. Private investment is always difficult to secure without a water-tight business plan and a proven business model or idea. With the UK and USA’s growing obsession with celebrities it was an investment that many private investors thought was a very good idea. Yannoula soon raised the £50,000 she required to set up the company and the agency has now opened offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Dubai.

“Your help with my business plan was invaluable. Please accept my deepest appreciation”.

Yannoula Tsirkas, yanbac

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