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About Us at SMART Business Plan

“SMART Business Plan was established in 1999 by a team of award-winning business advisors. Since that time we have built a reputation for success across all markets in the SME business sector, helping a significant number of businesses and individuals to succeed.

These days, for any business to succeed, it needs banking facilities or investment capital. Research indicates that the most common reason why people are refused bank accounts or investment finance is because their business plan is simply not up to scratch. To help rectify this problem we have assembled a team of business experts to work solely on providing business plans for start up companies and SMEs.

Many organisations, such as banks or building societies, offer business planning as an additional service for clients but it is not their core activity. We focus entirely on producing high quality business plans, and have designed smart-businessplan.co.uk to make the process of writing a business plan as simple and affordable as possible.

Last year we helped 1000s of businesses and entrepreneurs write successful business plans, while achieving a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Since 1999 we have written 1000s of business plans for a variety of industries and are now widely regarded as the UK’s number 1 provider of bespoke business plans. Whatever your reasons for requiring a business plan, our team of experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality business plan products available anywhere in the UK.”

Dr Richard G Lewis BA MSc
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